R&D and Quality

MAILAM INDIA LIMITED, was originally incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the name and style of MAILAM METALLOGEN PVT LTD, in the year 1983. The Company’s name in its present form was given effect in the year 1998. The manufacturing units are located at Sedarapet Mettupalayam in Pondicherry.

From the very beginning, the Company has strived to offer its customers a unique combination of quality, technology and economics in its products and services. Over the years, the Company has built a reputation for offering value added products to its customers and has created a niche for itself in welding field. Today Mailam India’s products enjoy wide approval and usage.

In tune with the objective of offering quality, technology and economics to its customers, the manufacturing infrastructure of MAILAM India limited has been built to ensure that the products have all these features. The factory has the latest facilities to manufacture SMAW Electrodes for joining / hard facing / reclamation maintenance applications, FCAW Wires for joining / hard facing applications, GMAW Wires and SAW Wires Fluxes. The manufacturing and testing equipments have been specially selected keeping in mind their capabilities to produce stringent quality products. A team of well-trained personnel ensures manufacture of products that meet not only national and international standards but also specific customer requirements.

The Company has a well laid down plan for maintaining and assuring consistent quality reliability in the products. This is achieved through a combination of qualified experienced technical skilled personnel, standardized established manufacturing testing procedures and duly calibrated well maintained equipments instruments. The Quality Management System of Mailam India Limited has been certified to latest ISO 9001 by British Standards Institution. Many of the Company products have approvals from a vide spectrum of Classification Societies, Government Bodies, Project Consultants and End Users.

Over the years, the Company has built a large base of customers who are the equipment manufacturers / project contractors for Power, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Fertilizer, Oil, Gas, Transport, etc sectors and has been supplying substantial quantities of welding consumables to them. The Company is also exporting its products to various countries such as USA, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain.

Major contribution of the company to Department of Atomic Energy is in the indigenous development of E 316-15 M welding electrodes for fabrication of components made of 316LN stainless steel for India Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR). This consumable made according to PFBR specification PFBR/30000/SP/1032 is having composition and mechanical property requirement more stringent than the corresponding consumable specification available in AWS and RCC-MR. Further, good slag detachability is an additional requirement included in this specification. The compnay participated in development order for this electrode and worked closely with IGCAR scientists for finalizing the flux composition and core wire chemistry. Several experimental batches of these electrodes were made before the flux composition and core wire chemistry were frhosen. The electrodes thus developed met all the specification requirements. Subsequently, these electrodes were procured by industries who were involved in fabrication of PFBR components using 316LN stainless steels. For PFBR piping also this consumable is being extensively used. Compnay has supplied around 100 tons of 316-15M electrodes meeting the PFBR specifications to various industries for fabrication of PFBR components. Company was able to maintain the quality of the products and meet the quantity requirements from various industries. Almost all the manual metal arc welds in various components made of 316LN stainless steel in PFBR are produced using this indigenously developed welding consumable.

Company also developed and supplied, at short notice, E 316L electrodes with reduced upper limit for carbon content (0.025wt.%) for fabrication of PFBR grid plate. This happened when test coupon produced using the welding electrodes originally procurred by the fabricator for this job did not meet our specification on IGC. M/s Mailam was able to develop this consumable in short time and supply to the fabricator.

Thus considering the contribution of M/s Mailam to construction of PFBR by developing special consumables to meet PFBR specification and requirements, it is proposed to recommend M/s Mailam for INS Award for the industrial excellence award.