Our Management

Mr.M.SIVAGURUNATHAN who is the chairman is a Chartered Accountant by a profession. Before taking over this company he was practicing Chartered Accountant. He carries with him a professional experience of project studies, project financing and revival of sick Industries. Though a Chartered Accountant by profession he has acquired wide knowledge in the field of Welding Technology with the in-depth involvement in all the operations of the factory including RD .Under his stewardship the company has grown to take on the giants in this field.

Mr.R.VENKATARAMAN, B.Sc., Director. He possesses an experience of over 5 years in analytical line from a Defense Laboratory at Mumbai. He was fully conversant with more than 50 years of the laboratory analysis of various minerals,ferro alloys etc., manufacturing process of various types of welding electrodes and the quality control procedures to be adopted to churn out quality products.

Mr.J.K.KOTHARI, B.Sc., Director, is an Industrialist. He is a promoter and Managing director of an edible oil Industry in Pondicherry, which is also a Public Limited Company. He carries an experience of 25 years in trading and in solvent extraction edible oil Industry. The said Industry run by him is one of the top 5 companies in the edible oil Industry in states of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry.

Mr.K.R.RENGARAJAN, BSc., AMIIM,Director-(RD). He Carries a tag of 40 years experience in various formulations for manufacture of welding consumables. His continuous RD has enabled him to develop an import substitute electrode for Indra Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam.The developed 316LN electrode is to be used in the fast breeder reactor which is going to come up in Kalpakkam shortly.

Mr. K.S.SRINIVASAN. BSC Chemistry Director Operations He has 30 Years of experience in manufacturing and developing welding consumables.